Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1067

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Home of the late Medal of Honor Recipient  Col Leo K. Thorsness

Warren Harmon, President

I am proud to serve as your President and Leader of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chap 1067, Huntsville, AL and home chapter of  Medal of Honor  recipients Col. (Ret) Leo K. Thorsness, Life Member (recently deceased) and Cpt (Ret) Gary "Mike" Rose, Life Member.  Before I go any further, I would like to thank my 2nd Vice President, John Mays, for the outstanding job that he has done in giving our web page a much needed face lift, by completely redesigning the site.  Please let him know how you like the new design.  Richard Crimes has also made a great contribution by posting his videos and pictures that he has taken at the many ceremonies and events that our Chapter has been involved in while he has been a member.   Both of these members have gone above and beyond the call of duty in serving our Chapters needs.

Our Chapter now has another Medal of Honor Recipient as a Lifetime Member, our very own Mike Rose received the Medal of Honor from President Donald Trump at a White House Ceremony on the 23rd of October, 2017, for his heroic actions during the Vietnam War in 1970 as a Green Beret Combat Medic.  Mike was honored at the AUSA Veterans Dinner at the VBCC North Hall on Friday evening November 10, 2017 as part of the Veterans Week Celebration, and the Madison County Hall of Heroes Induction Program for 2017.  A Ceremony was scheduled by the Madison County Hall of Heroes and conducted at the Madison County Courthouse on 29Nov17 at 1600 hours for the unveiling of Mike's MoH, followed by a reception at 1700 hours nearby.  Dr. Wayne Reynolds, VVA Treasurer and Alabama State President, assisted by VVA Chapter 1067 President Warren Harmon,  presented the VVA State of Alabama "Joe Hooper" (Most decorated Vietnam Veteran) Award to Mike Rose as part of the Ceremony at the Courthouse. 

This past year has been filled with many exciting events and activities for our organization. We are pleased that our membership has grown to over 524 VVA Members, with 10 AVVA Members in the time that  we have been an official chapter. Thank you Membership Chairman Richard Knight and our members for your efforts in getting our fellow Vietnam veterans to join this fine organization.  At last count, our Chapter was listed in the top 25 VVA Chapter's in membership at #10 with 503 members, and the #9 Chapter had 516 members (30Sep17).  Be sure and check out our calendar of events for information regarding the many events and activities that we will be involved in between now and the end of the year.  Our Chapter has chartered a Trailways Bus to travel to Montgomery on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, to participate in a special Military/Veterans Appreciation Day being planned by the Alabama Legislature.  There will also be discussions with our Representatives about the long wait times for the four (4) VA Homes located in Alabama, while many of our elderly veterans are dying before being admitted to a VA Home.  Our Vietnam Veterans are mostly in their 70s and can ill afford to be on extremely long waiting list while seeking the care that they need and deserve.  Anyone desiring to join us for this trip at $35 per person round-trip, please contact President Harmon at 256-566-3267, the Bus will load at 0630 Tuesday morning in the closed Ruby Tuesday parking lot adjacent to the Madison Cracker Barrel for a 7AM departure, and will depart Montgomery around 1430 on the return trip home.  The $35 fees will be collected on the Bus, checks may be made out to VVA Chapter 1067.

Having successfully completed our 6th annual "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day" Celebration held at the Huntsville/Madison County Veterans Memorial on April 8, 2017, we are look forward to planning our seventh annual event beginning around October of this year, which is scheduled to be held on April 7, 2018. I wish to sincerely thank all of the Sponsors that supported us for this event in the past. There are so many people and businesses to thank, but we just want to make an honorable mention of Starbucks, Duncan Donuts, and Krispi-Creme for their contributions to our Meet and Greet part of the program.  We could not have done it without the help of Janet Marino, and we especially thank Janet for providing our Sound System for the 3rd year in a row, and the City of Huntsville, the Madison County Sheriff's Department, Tom Brown, and the 1st Patriot Support Group for all the help they provided.  We also thank our long time sponsors, Keller Williams Realty, Landers McClarty Family of Dealerships, and AAAA Tennessee Valley Chapter, for their continued support.  We appreciate the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration Office for providing their support team to us this year including our Keynote Speaker, Joe Galloway, and Team Leader, Mr. Larry Brom.

We completed  a contribution request application to Lockheed Martin for $7,000.00 in support of the 2017 joint venture with our friends at Intuitive Research (John Perry) in presenting the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Lecture Series at the Jackson Center, which was held on Monday, November 6, 2017,  and Lockheed Martin graciously donated those funds.  Thanks goes out to Cari Holden,  Administrative  Assistant/FSO 3V730,                                     
Lockheed Martin Corporation/ Lawton Field Office for her help in securing this generous donation from Lockheed Martin as our major Corporate sponsor of this ongoing event as part of the DoD Commemoration War Office, Commemorative Partnership Program, for support in recognizing our Vietnam Veterans at patriotic events scheduled around the World through the year 2025.  We are grateful to the Lockheed Corporate Office and Management for their support in this ongoing effort to recognize the Vietnam War and our Vietnam Veterans in events such as this one.    Please support our Corporate Partners as they endeavor to make these huge contributions in support of our programs.  THANKS LOCKHEED MARTIN!!!!!!!! 

WE STILL NEED OUR MEMBERSHIP'S HELP IN GETTING OUR DATA BASE CORRECT, and we are making every effort to obtain the correct data from members. 


As part of the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, VVA Chapter 1067 would like to offer a free one year membership in the VVA for Vietnam Veterans that apply through our chapter until this offer is rescinded, although we encourage all new members to take advantage of lifetime membership in the VVA for $100 regardless of  age group.  Interested applicants who want to take advantage of this offer should obtain a membership application from our Membership Chairman, Richard Knight (256-722-3027), and forward the completed application along with a copy of their DD214 and payment in the amount of $100 by check or credit card for Lifetime Membership to VVA Chapter 1067, 446 Covina Dr., SW, Decatur, AL 35603, or contact Richard  (256-722-3027) and he will make arrangements with you to pick up the application and DD214 from you at your convenience.   We are currently at 524 VVA Members, and our goal was to reach 525 or more members by the end of the year 2017.    Also, the VVA Membership Affairs Committee (MAC) has announced that the Chapter membership growth awards for those chapters with the most growth in a fiscal year will continue.  Our Chapter received this AWARD in 2015 for the 101-200 membership category and in 2016 for the 201-300 membership category.  The Membership Growth Award for 1Mar16-28Feb17 was announced and presented at the August 2017 VVA Conference and Convention in New Orleans, and our Chapter received the Award for 301-400 membership category (3rd Award - 3 years in a row).  Based on our growth of more than 100 additional members since February, we are certain to receive the next category Award for 401-500 members.   Our Chapter is also among the VVA TOP 25 CHAPTERS in membership, based on our end of September roster strength, we were in 10th place with a reported strength of 503 VVA Members.  We currently have 524 or more VVA Members to be reported on our end of December 2017 roster.

For upcoming events, please check out our Calendar of Events.  A Committee chaired by John Perry has submitted paperwork requesting that our Organization be selected to host the Wall that Heals during their 2018 travel schedule in Huntsville, AL.  Only 35 locations will be selected, and those selected will be notified during October 2017.  If selected, our dates would be during the Spring or Fall schedule, and the upfront cost will be $8K, with the first $4K due when selected.  Other associated cost could almost double this figure, so we have already began fundraising in anticipation of being selected to host the Wall.   Due to the expected size of funds being donated, the Fund Raising Committee is now working with the AUSA, Huntsville Chapter, to handle the funds raised.  Any Organization or individual wishing to make a donation to bringing the Wall that Heals to the Huntsville Area during 2018, please contact Pete Fast at 256-655-3278.  Our desire is to bring in donations from all veterans organizations, small businesses, and individuals, rather than seek larger donations from big businesses, although, all donations will be appreciated (Update - John Perry has received advance word that the announcement for the 2018 schedule has been delayed; however, it appears that the Wall that Heals could be coming our way in the November 2018 time frame).  UPDATE:  TWTH has announced their 2018 schedule and Huntsville will be on their tour schedule with TWTH arriving on 31Oct18 for set-up and display 1-3Nov18, with a departure date of 4Nov18.

PLEASE VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AT CHAPTER 1067 VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA.  My condolences go out to the families of all Vietnam Veterans who made Final Muster during the past year, GOD BLESS ONE AND ALL,


VVA CHAPTER 1067 Meeting
Our next meeting will be on January 11, 2018 at the American Legion on Drake Ave (large meeting room, enter at back side entrance) due to our meeting building being under renovation until further notice.  Meeting times remain the same; however, no food or beverages will be served.  Hope to see you there!!