Sound track from "Good Morning Vietnam" 

  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 1)2:09
  • Nowhere To Run2:55
  • I Get Around2:08
  • The Game of Love2:04
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 2)0:15
  • Sugar and Spice2:13
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 3)0:47
  • Liar, Liar1:51
  • The Warmth of the Sun2:48
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 4)0:34
  • I Got You (I Feel Good)2:45
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 5)0:08
  • Baby Please Don't Go2:40
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 6)0:33
  • Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead2:28
  • Five O'Clock World2:18
  • California Sun2:22
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 7)1:21
  • What a Wonderful World2:16

Home of the late Medal of Honor Recipient  Col Leo K. Thorsness

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1067 Officers and Board of Directors as of May 2018

Our Officers

  • President, Charlie Miller
  • First Vice President, Bobby Langford
  • Second Vice President, John Mays
  • Secretary, James Carter
  • Treasurer, Neal Nayman
  • Chaplin, James Henderson


Our Board of Directors

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1067


Warren Harmon

Richard Knight

John Mays

Dean Anderson

Charlie Miller

Richard Crimes

James Henderson

John Perry

Neil Nayman

Sammie Bone (Not Pictured)

Richard Crimes (Not Pictured)