Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1067

Sound track from "Good Morning Vietnam" 

  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 1)2:09
  • Nowhere To Run2:55
  • I Get Around2:08
  • The Game of Love2:04
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 2)0:15
  • Sugar and Spice2:13
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 3)0:47
  • Liar, Liar1:51
  • The Warmth of the Sun2:48
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 4)0:34
  • I Got You (I Feel Good)2:45
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 5)0:08
  • Baby Please Don't Go2:40
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 6)0:33
  • Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead2:28
  • Five O'Clock World2:18
  • California Sun2:22
  • Adrian Cronauer (Pt. 7)1:21
  • What a Wonderful World2:16

Home of the late Medal of Honor Recipient  Col Leo K. Thorsness

Operation Zero Website

Grave Marker Ordering

Exposures and associated diseases by War & Operations start here.  Pick which war(s) and folloe applicable hyperlinks

To replace lost or damaged medals

To obtain a copy of Military Service Records

All of these can be requested by the Veteran OR next of kin if the veteran is deceased

Contact Reba Adams for just about any other help or assistance needed.

256-656-4186 OR

Press the button below for simple, easy to use checklist to annotate your military career information, family data, insurance policies, financial data, and other information.  When completed, members of your family will have what they need to help settle your estate, funeral and burial actions, meeting your personal desires. Upon completion it is recommended that you provide each member of your family a copy, but that’s your choice.  Also place a copy for safe keeping (along with your Wills/Discharge (DD214) Papers.  

Please NOTE: This will open an new window to a "Team Redstone" web page AND at the same time, it should download the checklist in a "DocX" format the you can open and edit or you can print it for your use.